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Frequently Questions

How much time required daily for terrace garden?

It depends on your interest. Minimum 15 min to 20 min for basic maintenances.

Is watering for plants daily necessary?

No, you have to maintain the moisture level is enough.

How excess water will drain out?

Each grow bags/planter box will have holes in the bottom for excess water drain out.

Are the Grow bags are made from plastic?

Its made up of HDPE materials.

Is cocopeat Compulsary for terrace garden?

If you use Cocopeat as growing media means the weight of the grow bag will be less.

Is shade net is compulsory?

It’s optional.

Can I grow plants all the seasons?

Yes, but the effort to grow the plants may vary.

If I went on vacation means how to I watering my plants?

You can set up our automated drip irrigation methods.

Can I depend my terrace garden for my family vegetables requirements?

Yes, you have to plant & grow the plants as per your requirements.